Through the years…

by Anna Katharina on January 1, 2013

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Welcome 2013!

Something special happens in every Filipino family every Christmas season.This season starts from December to the first week of January the following year.

I wish I knew how my parents celebrated their first Christmas as a family, since I was only 3 months old then in December 1961.There was no picture to document and remember such event.

I came to know the essence of Christmas when I was a preschooler (5-6 year old) at that time. I would have a new dress that my mother brought from Cinderella (the shop is still existing).The dress was worn for my school’s christmas party, at misa de gallo, and when going to my paternal grandparent’s house. My paternal grandparents would speak to us in Kapampangan and English that’s why I understand a few words from the language.

This is my 24th year celebrating my own Christmas with my children, the usual hustle and bustle of activities,though less strain on my part because all the kids are grown-ups. I have more time for my own shopping and I stayed home a lot.

Christmas for me means family gathering, renewing friendships with long time friends, gift giving and attending Christmas parties. Yes I have to have time for reflection about what I still want in life, my spirituality and faith, my health and future of our family.


This year 2013 , just simple things , simple life plus good health. This season has to be merry and joyful, it has to be….

My 10 Christmas thoughts

by Anna Katharina on December 23, 2012

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1. Gift giving / Wrapping gifts – practical and useful gifts

2. Christmas parties with Costumes – Gangnam dancing

3. Shopping – Great finds at Divisoria and Baclaran

4. Food galore -New dishes to try this season

5. Fatigue -Too many parties, late nights

6. Families- Skype

7. Simbang Gabi-

8. Vacation – 2 weeks of waking up late

9. Traffic – at EDSA

10. Sad face!- sad memories

Merry Christmas everybody !

Care of the Older Person Course Outline

by Anna Katharina on October 31, 2012

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This is the Course Outline of the BSN  Elective subject Care of the Older Person based on BSN Curriculum CMO#14. This subject is taken by fourth year BSN students in their last semester.

A. Factors that affect normal functioning of the older persons

  • Demographics of Aging
  • Theories of Aging
  • Socioeconomic Aspects of Aging
  • The Aging Family The Well Older Person Changes in the Older person and their Implications to Care
  • Physical/ Physiological/Biological
  • Social and Psychological Emotional

B. Cultural factors/ethnicity such as regard for elders, perception of health

C. Risk factors associated with chronic illness

D. Patterns of Illness of the older persons

E. Comprehensive geriatric assessment

F. Nursing Diagnosis related to Wellness, & chronic illness

G. Problems related to the older persons

  • Physiologic functioning
  • Behavioral
  • Safety

H. Needs for Self-care, life support, health maintenance

I. Health problems in chronic illness

J. Levels of care

K. Principles in the care of the older persons

  • Wellness
  • Health promotion
  • Chronic illness
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Quality of Life

L. Nursing Interventions for specific problems of the older persons include care that support:

  •  Wellness
    • Nutrition support
    • Activity and exercise
    • Stress management
  • Physiologic functioning
    • Activity & exercise
    • Nutrition support
    • Respiratory management
    • Tissue perfusion management
    • Electrolyte and acid-base balance management
    • Skin/wound management
    • Physical comfort promotion
  • Behavioral
    • Coping assistance
    • Patient education
    • Spiritual care
  • Safety
    • Risk reduction activities
    • Management of the environment
    • Bioethical components of care

M. Community resources for care of older persons

N. Criteria for evaluation

  • Indicators for wellness
  • Responses to care

O. Gerontological nursing concepts, standards of care

P. Ethical aspects in the care of the older person

Q. Current trends and issues in the care of the older person

R. Evidence based interventions in the care of older persons


Meiner, Sue E. Gerontologic Nursing Third Edition. Mosby, 2006

Smeltzer, Suzanne C. Medical-Surgical Nursing Tenth Edition. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2004

Tabloski, P. (2010). Gerontological Nursing. (2nd ed.) Upper Sadle River, N. J.: Pearson Education

Introductory Gerontological Nursing (2001) Sally Roach. Lippincott Williams


September Happenings

by Anna Katharina on September 30, 2012

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Busy month for the family this September, it was the 75th birthday celebration of my mom and my 51st year .It was a surprise birthday party for her. My siblings planned for the party since July.

What was good about the whole thing is the “family spirit” that was revived. Everybody had their own share to make the party a successful family affair. The theme of the party was “Bigtime na si Nanay”, a spoof of Willie Revillame’s evening show. My daughter was responsible for the theme. Every segment of the party revolved on that theme, even the music and “bayong girls”. Everybody made a video greeting and answered the question “Bakit bigtime na si nanay?”

It was a “family affair” all the way, relatives from Sibul, San Miguel , Bulacan , hometown of Nanay, dominated the guests.

Nanay was so surprised and overwhelmed about the whole thing. She deserves only the best . We hope she will have a long life ahead of her.