Globe Promo, Sakto, Super Unli/Duo

by Anna Katharina on December 28, 2009

in Product Promo,Trends

Sulit ang Tawagan. Saktong Bayad kada tawag

P0.10/sec Mondays – Saturdays
P0.05/sec Sundays
Dial 232 + 10 digit GHP /TM number
Ex. 232917xxxxxxx

Unli Call and Text P150/5days
Text super150 to 2824 to register
Dial 238 + 10 digit GHP /TM number
Ex. 238917xxxxxxx

Dial 236 + 10 digit GHP /TM number
Ex. 236917xxxxxxx

Unli Calls to GHP /TM cel & landline
P499/30 days postpaid
P599/30 days prepaid
Text SUPERDUO to 8888 to register

TM , Astig Tayo Dito

P0.10/sec Mondays – Saturdays
P0.05/sec Sundays
Dial 803 + 10 digit GHP /TM number
Ex. 803926xxxxxxx

15 minutes call sa lahat ng networks,
pwedeng hati-hatiin for P20
Text ASTIGTAWAG20 to 8888 to register

P15/15 mins
Dial 800 + 10 digit GHP /TM number
Ex. 800926xxxxxxx

P15/unlicalls from 11pm to 6am
Text TAWAG15 to 8888 to register

Unli Call and Text P100/3 days
Text ASTIGUNLI100 to 2824 to register
Dial 807 + 10 digit GHP /TM number
Ex. 807926xxxxxxx

Bobson Series II Jeans & Tops

by Anna Katharina on November 30, 2009

in Trends

“Maong” or denim clothing and T-shirts are my favorite get-up. During my college days it was the only clothes that I buy. Every month, my allowance from my “lola “ was spent in buying the latest design of a famous brand of “maong”.

My liking for “maong” or denim has never faded, but because of my work “maong “ clothes and T-shirts took a backseat as I can only wear them during off workdays.

It’s a good thing; we have one of the country’s most promising lifestyle brands – BOBSON, since 1987. Bobson offers a range of easy and relaxed casual clothing made for the laid-back lifestyle of today’s men and women. Their style includes Bobson Basic and Bobson Series II.

BOBSON Series II was launched onto the local jeans scene that created immediate following for its modified designs. The name Series II is synonymous with Edgy, Progressive and Modern. The BOBSON Series II includes an innovative denim line for ladies and men, shirts and tops designed for today’s men women

Series II details

Bobson denims are trendy, new colors and washes, unique pocket details, appliqués, embroideries and finishes. Each denim piece has a slanted red leather belt loop at the back. Bobson Series II pants were designed with larger back pockets, wider waistband, and a red facing combination.

More ways to be hip, Bobson designs for ladies and men, can be mix and match for an unlimited trendy and style.

Series II mensSeries II ladies

Bobson clothes line is available in all SM, RDS and leading department stores nationwide at reasonable prices.