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For a busy mom like me, working 12 hours a day, every minute counts. At my age I have come to a point that I need to prioritize my activities for the day. I hate traffic and queuing because I believe those times are wasted. Sometimes I wish I am a senior citizen who enjoys discounts and always the priority when it comes to service.

One of the trend in today’s way of life is  buying online, products from food to books can be delivered right at your doorstep. Our family is fond patronizing online shopping. This saves time  and effort and most specially discounts are available. Aside from groceries , the drugstore or pharmacy is one of the place I frequent for our essential medicines needs.

Its good to know that medicines from The Generics Pharmacy can be delivered by way of City Delivery. Generic drugs from hypertension medications to fever and cough meds for both pediatrics and adults can be sent at your doorstep . Just order through their hotline, text line or website.

The Generics Pharmacy delivers via City Delivery, it is the First Medicine Delivery in the Metro.

For over-the counter-medicines, you may place your order directly via their

For medicines that needs prescription, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Order via hotline, text line or websites
  2. Email ( or fax them a copy of the doctor’s prescription (get fax numbers from from CSRs)
  3. The CSRs will process your orders
  4. Wait for your orders to be delivered to you.






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“I clean. I save,” the Philippine Spring Cleaning Day

In the Philippines, eight out of 10 top causes of morbidity are infectious in nature. These diseases like measles, chicken pox and pneumonia are transmitted by sneezing, coughing, spitting, talking and by air currents. On the other hand, diarrhea can be acquired by contaminated water, food, milk and blood.

The infection process is like a circle of links, its a cycle that goes on and on in a sequential manner. To prevent infection is to break the links in the chain of infection. The links are: infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit from the reservoir, mode of transmission, and portal of entry into a susceptible host.

To break the link of the chain of infection , there are several ways and methods that can be practiced and thus prevent infection. Prevention of infections should start at home!

• Foremost is hand hygiene, either you use soap and water or the available hand sanitizer. Once I enter our home, the first thing that I do is hand washing.

• Anything that is moist is a breeding ground for microorganism thus a source of infection.

  1. 1. In the kitchen, clean and disinfect countertops especially crevices, it will prevent bacteria from hiding there.
  2. 2. Replace sponges and wash cloths often.
  3. 3. Air or sun dry wash cloths, bath, face towels every day, they can be breeding ground for fungus.
  4. 4. Spray the inside of shoes with disinfectant to kill off fungus spores. Never keep shoes in cabinets, air dry them.
  5. 5. Clean and disinfect the floor, vinyl tile, and walls inside an air conditioned room every now and then.

• For your children especially if they are toddlers, select play toys that can easily be cleaned and disinfected, stay away from stuffed furry toys if these will be shared with other children.
• Do away with the hanky, it’s unhygienic. Use tissue to Cover mouth/nose when sneezing, and then dispose properly.

If you have more tips on how to maintain cleanliness at home , Join the Philippine Spring Cleaning Day Contest

Give us your best tip on how to clean your home.

1. Put your best tip in Philippine Spring Cleaning Day in commitment/tips page.
2. You also have to email your tip to with your name and contact number.

Best 20 tips will receive gift packs from Lysol.
Winners will be announced thru Phil. Spring Cleaning FB Fan page – ( on May 10, Tuesday.


by Anna Katharina on February 8, 2011

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Wearing rubber slippers has been an in thing for my children and I got the habit too. They are not just to be worn at home but to other places as well. They are affordable yet very trendy to wear in any occasion of the day. At my age I would always look for comfort, durability, and the most important is that they must not be slippery on wet places. It is so convenient to wear slippers in going to malls and grocery stores. After wearing shoes for at least 8 hours a day as my hectic schedule dictates I do change my footwear to run errands once my work is done.

I have tried Dupé slippers and found out that it has features like fish scale pattern on the texture of the sole, heal massager, and Gel HXP technology (H for high comfort, X for expanded fully sealed coating/finishing, P for penta polymer for ultimate durability). Aside from these, Dupé takes pride in its100% rubber-make from its brand and frame down to its sole.

I am very careful  when choosing rubber slippers, it has to be slipped-free, with slippery tile flooring in malls, I have slipped one or two times and thank GOD I got no broken bones. Dupé slippers is safer to wear because its 100 % rubber it has better traction than plastic.It has also durable soles which are enough to give protection, no sores or blisters for that matter.

Dupé slippers is affordable , with prices ranging fro Php 275-400 , you get your money’s worth. Dupé’s stores are located at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia department stores, Landmark Makati and Landmark TriNoma, Shopwise Festival Mall and Shopwise Araneta Center.