Come May 13, 2013 I have to be at my voting precinct by 8 AM to avoid the long queue, heat of the sun and to accompany my youngest daughter as a first time voter. One of the legacies of my Dad passed on to us was to exercise our right to vote.

The choices for me are as follows:
Member, House Of Representatives – First District
Echiverri, Enrico (Lp) (Liberal Party)
Guanzon, Bobby (Independent)
Malapitan, Along (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)

Candidates For Mayor
Asistio, Macario Jr. (Independent)
Echiverri, Rj (Lp) (Liberal Party)
Malapitan, Oca (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)

Candidates For Vice-Mayor
Asistio, Maca (Pmp) (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
Malonzo, Rey (Independent)
Varela, Tito (Lp) (Liberal Party)

Councilor – First District (** Incumbent Councilors District 1, the six candidates with the highest amount of votes wins the seats per district.)

Africa, Jay (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)
Aguilar, Tiffany (Independent)
Alonzo, Cielo (Independent)
Asistio, Andrew (Nup) (National Unity Party)
Asistio, Dean (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)
Bacolod, Gualberto (Independent)
Cammayo, Henry (Lp) (Liberal Party)
Corpuz, Lolit (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)
De Leon, Tyrone Driving (Independent)
Engaño, Josue (Independent)
Gatchalian, Ruben (Independent)
Guino-O, Tina (Independent)
Henson, Onet (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)
Ling, Jun (Rcp) (Reform Caloocan Party)
**Mabagos, Andy (Lp) (Liberal Party)
Mayor, Cenon (Independent)
**Nubla, Alou (Lp) (Liberal Party)
Padilla, Leonardo (Pmp) (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
Prado, Patrick (Lp) (Liberal Party)
**Punzalan, Susana (Lp) (Liberal Party)
Quizon, Obet (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)
Roll, Princess Nathalie (Independent)
Teh, Karina (Una) (United Nationalist Alliance)
Trillanes, Jay (Independent)
Vallega, Cherry Sarmiento (Np) (Nacionalista Party)
Note : Incumbent City Councilors In District 1

For the mayoralty race, it’s a toss between Congressman Oca Malapitan (UNA) and Councilor RJ Echiverri (Liberal).

In one of their interviews at DZMM last February 2013, Congressman Malapitan a 3 timed lawmaker in congress boasts of his accomplishments in education (National Science high School) ,health ( Dr Rodriquez Hospital as a tertiary hospital) and establishment of the 4 branches of the trial court.

On he other hand, Councilor RJ Echiverri, has the advantage of being dynamic and energetic because of his age. He is the youngest Liga ng mga Barangay president. His advocacies include violence against women, disaster risk management, alternative learning, and values formation.

It’s been 3 years after the last elections; my request in my blog then was to have a clean Monumento area, free from dirt and sidewalk vendors. It is still the same, the Grand Central area is still in chaos between 6 to 8 pm. So many people are at this area as they alight the LRT trains. Garbage, trash , sidewalk vendors are all over the place,

To the next mayor, can you please command the barangay captains of these areas, to make it a clean and better place?

May I also remind all candidates that a lot of people are still asleep in the mornings due to the work schedule at night e.g call center agents, nurses and those working in BPO’s. Please your loud campaigns jingles are not effective. They are a lot of times, a nuisance. Sabi nga “Serbisyo Hindi Perwisyo”.


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September 19, 2011 MONDAY: Advocacy for the Day: ENVIRONMENT (PMA Greening Program). This is in collaboration with the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
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