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For a busy mom like me, working 12 hours a day, every minute counts. At my age I have come to a point that I need to prioritize my activities for the day. I hate traffic and queuing because I believe those times are wasted. Sometimes I wish I am a senior citizen who enjoys discounts and always the priority when it comes to service.

One of the trend in today’s way of life is  buying online, products from food to books can be delivered right at your doorstep. Our family is fond patronizing online shopping. This saves time  and effort and most specially discounts are available. Aside from groceries , the drugstore or pharmacy is one of the place I frequent for our essential medicines needs.

Its good to know that medicines from The Generics Pharmacy can be delivered by way of City Delivery. Generic drugs from hypertension medications to fever and cough meds for both pediatrics and adults can be sent at your doorstep . Just order through their hotline, text line or website.

The Generics Pharmacy delivers via City Delivery, it is the First Medicine Delivery in the Metro.

For over-the counter-medicines, you may place your order directly via their

For medicines that needs prescription, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Order via hotline, text line or websites
  2. Email ( or fax them a copy of the doctor’s prescription (get fax numbers from from CSRs)
  3. The CSRs will process your orders
  4. Wait for your orders to be delivered to you.






Procedures and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Health Facilities Utilized for the Related Learning Experiences  (RLE) of Students for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program: CHED Memo July 2012

The Commission on Higher Education  (CHED)nissued Procedures and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Health Facilities Utilized for the Related Learning Experiences  (RLE) in nursing education .The objective is to establish a rational accreditation system of health facilities for Related Learning Experiences (RLEs) of nursing students to ensure the development of quality nursing education.

The policies and guidelines as embodied in this CHED Memo Order (CMO) applies to all public and private higher education institutions (HEIs) offering the BSN program and all public and private health facilities utilized for RLE.

Highlights of the CHED accreditation requirements as RLE provider are:

  1. Functional Nursing Training and Research Office that are responsible for training and research activities of nurses
  2. Health facilities for student nurses such as: Conference Rooms – can accommodate at least 15 persons in one sitting capacity; well-lighted and well-ventilated; Library ; Male and Female Comfort Rooms;Dressing Rooms;Lounge; and Lockers.
  3. Health facility accredited as a base hospital should have at least an authorized bed capacity (ABC) of 100 with annual average occupancy rate (AOR) of eighty percent (80%).
  4. A standard formula that ensures adequate proportion of students to patients to determine the acceptance of additional HEI/s  applying to use the health facility as its base hospital.
  5. Standard Base Hospital and Affiliation Fees

The memorandum also listed several sanctions as to the Non-compliance with any of the provisions  will cause the Commission to revoke accreditation of the health facility subject to due process. Nursing schools found to be in violation of the provisions of theCMO shall be subject to revocation of program permit or recognition after due process.

This RLE guidelines hopes to develop competencies of  nursing students through quality Related Learning Experiences.It is through related learning experience and practice of nursing skills one gets to know the true essence of being a nurse which is CARE.


Sex education. Let’s talk about it.

by Anna Katharina on April 22, 2012

in Nurse Quad,Period of Life

When was the first time you learn about how your body works? At what age were you able to know the answers to the following questions : Why am I menstruating ?  Why am I perspiring a lot and I don’t smell good ? How do girls get pregnant? Mom and Dad didn’t say anything about these things. Where do I get to know these things?

Sex education. Lets talk about it.


“Maabilidad na P-Nay, Malusog na Nanay!”


By virtue of Presidential Proclamation no. 569 in 2004, March 10 of every year was declared as the “Pambansang Araw ng mga Buntis.” This year’s theme centers on “Maabilidad na P-Nay, Malusog na Nanay!”

This year’s celebration will attempt to set a Guinness World Book of the Largest Pre-natal Class (multiple venues). In a pre-natal class , mothers are given information on how to have a safe pregnancy and the Do’s and Don’ts in pregnancy.