Hangover, the Day After

by Anna Katharina on May 9, 2011

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Let us celebrate! Its time to party after graduation, anniversaries,birthdays etc. Part of the party will be food, dancing, karaoke singing and the intake of alcohol.

There are different types of alcoholic beverages like wines,beer, whisky, rhum, brandy, vodka, and gin. Brandy, vodka and gin have 40 -50 % alcohol content. It’s not how many drinks that you have, but how much alcohol that you consume to be intoxicated.

The problem lies the day after , you have a hangover because of alcohol intake. You want to relieve yourself of a headache, lethargy, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, an upset stomach and even diarrhea.You curse alcohol and sometimes swear you will give up alcohol ….

In the first place, a fun night can turn into a “feel good” a day after. Here are some tips to avoid a hangover:

• Drink on a full stomach. Food slows the absorption of alcohol. The slower you absorb alcohol, the less alcohol reaches the brain. The larger the meal and closer in time between eating and drinking, the greater the decrease of peak alcohol concentration in blood.
• Drink slowly. The more slowly you drink, the less alcohol actually reaches the blood and eventually the brain.
• Drink the right drinks. The less alcohol content of an alcoholic drink the less hangover. An evening spent with too much red wine can also causes headache the day after.
How to get through with hangover the dayafter?
• Drink fruit juice, buillon or soup to replenish your water supply. This helps the body burn alcohol faster and accelerate the removal of alcohol still in the body.The buillon or soup will replace the salt and potassium loss and helps in regaining strength of your muscles.
• Pain relief: You may take paracetamol the night before you sleep or when you get up in the morning after eating a light breakfast.
• Take B complex vitamins , your stress vitamins.This will help shorten the duration of your hangover.
• Eat a light meal , but a balanced one with essential nutrients
• Get a good night’s sleep the day after.

Don’t drink alcoholic beverages when :
• If you have to drive a vehicle after
• If you are allergic to alcohol
• when taking antibiotics and medicines for allergy
• hepatic disease
• gastrointestinal ulcers
• cardiac or skeletal myopathy
• Pregnant women in the first and third trimesters

What about that cup of coffee?
Coffee has not been proven to alleviate hangover symptoms. Caffeine can further dehydrate the body. Water, green tea, sports drink or other decaffeinated teas are a better choice.

The best is still to avoid excessive alcohol intake.

UCC’s program to enable some of our country’s top beacons of change to help others become themselves beacons of change, one day at a time.

UCC is offering its loyal customers this holiday season a BEACONS OF CHANGE VISION LOGBOOK which contains motivational and practical information to bring about positive change throughout the year.

The beacons of change are some of the country’s top business coaches. These beacons are experts in their respective fields and are all well-versed when it comes to planning for change. The beacons of change who contributed to the vision logbook include randell Tiongson, Francis Kong, and mind mapping expert Raju Mandhyan. Additionally, Let’s Go Foundation, a foundation aimed at poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship education, contributed the Entrepreneurship Workbook for Change module.

The basic vision logbook includes 2011 and 2012 calendars and contains various useful modules such as a travel vision logbook, conversion tables, notes, and Francis Kong stories, tips, and quotations. This can be claimed after a UCC customer accumulates P 5,000 in UCC Coffee Concept Store receipts. More promotional coupons for free dishes or drinks are inside the logbook.

To Hubert Young owner of UCC Café Concept Stores “Change starts with a mission”, he believes that this project will stir limitless change.

Here are some of what the beacons of Change have to say:

“ Every word we express, gives a ne direction to who we are, what we want to become and how we want to influence people and the processes that surround us.”
Raju Mandhyan
Mind mapping Expert

There are many ways one can invest in oneself and it all starts with education. Education remains to be the best way for us to achieve our aspiration in life.”
Randell Tiongson
Personal Finance expert

“Change is impossible unless people believe it is possible. If we want to consciously bring about change for the good, then that change has to be envisioned and planned.”
Francis Kong
Motivational Speaker

BEACONS OF CHANGE VISION LOGBOOK available at UCC Café concept stores by December 15, 2010.

UCC , Good Coffee Smile.

Miracle Machine wishes to whip up 12 miracles in 12 days through Facebook in time for the Christmas season.

Tama na lang ba ang “Merry Christmas” sa darating na pasko? Ibig ninyo bang maging makabuluhan ang inyong “12 days of Christmas? Ito na ang Miracle Machine ng Miracle whip, naglalayon na bigyang buhay ang diwa ng paskong Fiipino.

Ang pasko ay panahon ng pagbibigayan at pagpapakita ng pagmamahalan sa ating pamilya, kaanak , mga kaibigan at lalong lalo na sa mga taong nangangailangan. Ano ang diwa ng pasko kung ito’y di mo maipadama sa karamihan?

Ang Miracle Whip sa pamamagitan ng Miracle Machine campaign ay naghahangad na palawakin ang diwa ng kapaskuhan sa loob ng 12 na araw , 12 “charitable organization”, ay naghain sa atin ng kanilang “christmas wish” ngayon panahon ng kapaskuhan. Simple lang ika nga ang mga ito, pero napakahalaga para matupad ang kanilang adhikain na sana magkapagbigay saya ngayong pasko sa mga nasasakupan ng kanilang mga proyekto.

Kythe Foundation
Jamboree Mountaineers
Childhope Asia
Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Sagip Buhay and Philippine General Hospital
Firefly Brigade and Tiklop Society
Tahanang Walang Hagdan
Resources for the Blind
Museo Pambata
St. Martin de Porres Charity Home
12th miracle

Isang click lang ang  “Miracle Machine”, punta na sa Facebook at gawing makabuluhan ang pasko ng iba nating kababayan.

Christmas Treats

by Anna Katharina on November 21, 2010

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Celebrating Christmas the “Pinoy” way, CDO’s Holiday ham : The Premium-Cut Ham , Christmas baskets

Various types of events or celebrations in the Philippines mark the Christmas season. The popular activities are attending Misa de Gallo (dawn masses), Christmas parties, gift giving and the Noche Buena.

For Noche Buena, the ham is considered the most important dish during the Noche Buena. The CDO’s Holiday ham : The Premium-Cut Ham, offers a best-tasting ham which not only makes the holiday special but also a cut above the rest The ham is meaty, juicy, and flavorful, and consumers will really get the best value for their money.

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With barely a month to go before Christmas, Christmas baskets are some of the most sought after gifts this merry season. It is useful and more economical and an ideal gift for the whole family. I’m sure mommies will definitely love Christmas baskets.