September 2014

Me On Weekends

by Anna Katharina on September 3, 2014

in Journal

Time flies so fast. I am in that stage of life where I am mindful on how to spend my weekend the way I like it. Let go of the usual tasks and routine and make my day more than the usual,add fun and spend quality time with my kids.

Out of town trips, hobbies, reading pocketbooks, cooking, crocheting, recycling, heritage tours,walking tour, basketball games at the Dome,  CCP PPO concerts, Bayanihan etc… these are some of my #MeOn Weekend activities.



One of my favorite , me and my kids visiting Manila Zoo. After 20 years, this the first time I have brought them to the zoo. Mali the elephant in the background is more than 30 years old.The best part is I don’t have to prepare anything since they are all grown ups. Its never too late to bring your kids to the zoo and I had a great time!

More to come #MeOnWeekends…