July 2013

annakatharinamd.com : Fifth year

by Anna Katharina on July 22, 2013

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My blog on its 5th year

I thank my children for encouraging me to blog. Though I have failed to blog as I used to, I still get emails from my readers  local and abroad thanking me for the content of my blog  which has been helpful for them.  They have even cited some of the blogs as a reference for their research and as tool in teaching other students.

A lot of things have happen since I have this blog.  Aside from getting older and at the same time getting into a new world (that of the internet), this will be part of me as I go through life in my 50’s and 60’s.

I noticed that I spent an average of 2 hours a day with the internet, checking my email, reading Facebook, knowing what’s the latest news, browsing my friend’s status and photos and reading my children’s latest blogs, report, Twitter and Instagram aacounts.

My podcast show Online Doktora is still up. From time to time I get to receive (local and abroad) medical  inquiries through emails. Its heartening to note that through this medium, I am of service to others.

Another online podcast that I was involved with is Awit at Papuri, a pastoral undertaking by our family to spread the word of God in Filipino.

Once in a while I do field reporting for Jeric Pena Reports, where I helped my son to interview people for his news report. He gets amazed on how I blend with the crowd and the spontaneous questions that come out of me. It goes with my training as a doctor and nurse.

My readers, colleagues, students .. thank you.

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