February 2011

There are 655 new physicians who passed the Physician (Complete, Finals and Finals with Prelims) Licensure Examination, which was given by the Board of Medicine in the cities of Manila and Cebu this February 2011. There were 1,230 who took the exams and only 655 made it for a national passing average of 53.25%.

February 2011 Physician Board Passers

Top Performing SchoolPhysician Board Exam February 2011

Registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will start on Thursday and Friday, March 3 to 4, 2011 at OWWA-Blas Ople Development Center, Solana St. cor. Victoria St., Intramuros, Manila.

Registration Requirements (Click here)

Congratulations to all those new Physicians who made it!

May you have the opportunities to hone and practice your chosen career!

Passing Average in The Physician Licensure Examinations for the last 5 years

February 2006 : 1,101/ 2028  =54.29 %

August 2006 : 1491/ 2696 = 55.30 %

February 2007 : 1,193/ 2233  =53.43 %

August 2007 : 1737/ 2656 = 65.40%

February 2008 : 1,054/ 1985 =53.10%

August 2008 : 1513/ 2506= 60.38%

February 2009 : 1,087/ 1685 =64.51%

August 2009 : 1680/ 2357= 71.28%

February 2010: 621/ 1344=46.21%

August 2010 : 1597/ 2300= 69.43%



by Anna Katharina on February 25, 2011

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The Department of Health intensified its campaign for mothers to use exclusive breastfeeding to the their infants for six months. TSEK is “Tama, Sapat at Ekslusibo” breastfeeding campaign which targets new and expectant mothers, primarily in lower-income areas.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Country Representative to the Philippines Ms. Vanessa Tobin, during the launching of the Breastfeeding TSEK ( Tama, Sapat at Eksklusibo) campaign, stressed that several childhood diseases like diarrhea, obesity, and infection can be prevented through breastfeeding because a mother’s milk provides immunity to a child.

Advantages of breastfeeding for a mother:

  • Breast feeding reduces the cost of feeding and preparation time.
  • It aids in uterine involution (the ability of uterus to go back to its pre-pregnant state).
  • It can give an empowering effect on the mother because it’s the skill she only can master.
  • It is excellent opportunity to enhance a true bonding relationship between mother and child.

However, one cannot relay on breastfeeding as a 100 percent contraceptive technique. Once a woman ovulates and 50 % of the time this happens by the 4th week after delivery, she can get pregnant even when breastfeeding.

Mothers who are breastfeeding need to eat a well balanced diet to ensure that the milk will be rich in nutrients.

Advantages of breastfeeding for the baby:

  • Ingredients of breastmilk like Lactoferrin, lyzozyme, bifidus factor, protect the baby from infection and diarrhea.
  • Breast milk contains, lactose, proteins, linoleic acid for rapid brain growth.

The decision to breastfeed lies ultimately on the mother. When I gave birth, I have set my mind on breastfeeding. I have breastfed my kids up to six months and I never experienced any sleepless nights nor they have been sickly.

How does one relieve breast pain caused by breast engorgement or sore nipples?

  • Empty the breast milk by having the infant suck more often.
  • Apply warm packs to both breast a few minutes before feeding, combining it with massage  may facilitate drainage of milk and then breast softness follow. One can also use a breast pump for complete emptying of the breast.
  • For sore nipples, it is best to wash nipples only with water and keep it dry at all times
  • It is ideal to breast-feed baby with each nipple for 20 to 30 minutes. Position the baby differently during each feeding to balance pressure exerted on the nipple.

Pinakamabuti Kay Baby Ang Gatas Ng Ina









Breastfeeding Law: Republic Act 10028: An Act Expanding the Promotion of Breastfeeding  (Aug 22, 2011)

Last week…..

by Anna Katharina on February 13, 2011

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I was sick last Monday, decided to stay home and have my much needed bedrest. Tuned in to the news which were mostly about the Senate hearing on corruption in the armed forces. It was sad hearing the generals as they try to evade answering most of the questions. Most of them were graduates of the premier military school in the country, where courage ,integrity and loyalty were ingrained in them.

Tuesday , back to school and my usual routine, still not feeling well. I craved for pastillas de leche from Goldilocks, only to find out that its available only on Fridays.When I was little, lola would always bring me the best pastillas from San Miguel Bulacan.

Wednesday, I had my hospital duty at Caloocan Medical Center with my nursing students. It was their last duty week, and we had discussion on the knowledge, skills and the attitude they have learned and later apply to their forthcoming dealings with their clients.In the afternoon, my daughter and I went to Divisoria to claim her gown for their JS Prom this coming week.

Thursday was duty Day again at the hospital.Had my clinic in the afternoon and attended to clients with different skin conditions. I was able to buy pastillas from Red Ribbon. I ask Nanay to cook homemade sardinas, an old kapampangan recipe from  my Dad.

Friday was another tiring lecture day for me in school. I easily get tired these days. Some of my co-workers experienced the same body aches I had, some were sick with fever. It must have been the erratic weather changes.

My weekend was spent with my youngest daughter who is about to graduate this March from high school. It was the St Mary’s family day. The last family day I have attended for my children. By next  school year, all will be in college. Another grand activity, a birthday party in the evening of a friend from high school. We had fun, food ,booze and bonding to the highest level. A great way to cap the weekend.


by Anna Katharina on February 8, 2011

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Wearing rubber slippers has been an in thing for my children and I got the habit too. They are not just to be worn at home but to other places as well. They are affordable yet very trendy to wear in any occasion of the day. At my age I would always look for comfort, durability, and the most important is that they must not be slippery on wet places. It is so convenient to wear slippers in going to malls and grocery stores. After wearing shoes for at least 8 hours a day as my hectic schedule dictates I do change my footwear to run errands once my work is done.

I have tried Dupé slippers and found out that it has features like fish scale pattern on the texture of the sole, heal massager, and Gel HXP technology (H for high comfort, X for expanded fully sealed coating/finishing, P for penta polymer for ultimate durability). Aside from these, Dupé takes pride in its100% rubber-make from its brand and frame down to its sole.

I am very careful  when choosing rubber slippers, it has to be slipped-free, with slippery tile flooring in malls, I have slipped one or two times and thank GOD I got no broken bones. Dupé slippers is safer to wear because its 100 % rubber it has better traction than plastic.It has also durable soles which are enough to give protection, no sores or blisters for that matter.

Dupé slippers is affordable , with prices ranging fro Php 275-400 , you get your money’s worth. Dupé’s stores are located at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia department stores, Landmark Makati and Landmark TriNoma, Shopwise Festival Mall and Shopwise Araneta Center.