The Aquino Health Agenda

by Anna Katharina on January 15, 2011

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Universal Health Care for All Filipinos (2010 -2016)

In recent years , the Philippine Health Care system had three major Health Reforms , Health for All ((90’s), Health Sector Reform Agenda ( 1999-2004) and FourMula  One for Health  (2005-2010).

The Aquino government has established a comprehensive reform in health to address the significant challenges facing the Philippine health system. There are shortcomings in health financing, which resulted in out of pocket expenses as the primary source of health expenditure. Out of pocket expenditure has been the rate limiting step of many of our countrymen in availing health services. Due to scarcity of financial resources and fragmentation of health services as a consequence of devolution, our health facilities have suffered neglect

President Aquino’s health agenda is Universal Health Care for All Filipinos for 2010 -2016. Universal Health Care for All Filipinos of the Aquino administration aims to achieve better health outcomes, responsive health system and equitable health financing Health.

The Priority Health Policy Directions of the Aquino Administration are:

  • A roadmap towards universal health care through a refocused PhilHealth; through the expansion of the National health Insurance Program coverage to achieve financial risk protection.
  • Particular attention to the construction, rehabilitation, and support of health facilities:
    • LGU/regional hospitals,
    • rural health units
    • barangay health stations
  • Attainment of Millennium Development Goals 4, 5, and 6
    • –Reduction of maternal, neonatal, and infant mortality
    • –Support to contain/eliminate age old pubic health diseases (malaria, dengue, TB)
    • –Attain efficiency by using information technology (IT) in all aspects of health care
    • –Increased attention to trauma, the 4thleading cause of death
    • –More aggressive promotion of healthy lifestyle to prevent non-communicable diseases: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity
    • –Attention to emerging diseases (Superbug, nosocomial diseases, A(H1N1), diseases brought about by climate change)
    • –Improve the access to quality affordable medicines
    • Continue efforts in improving governance and regulation to eliminate graft and corruption in all areas of healthcare
    • –Improve the plight of health workers through interventions in health education, placement, compensation, among others

We can always hope for a Health reform that makes health care more affordable but offers high quality care, accessible, expands coverage to all Filipinos and makes our health system sustainable.

Source :

DOH administrative Order No. 2010-0036 Dated Dec 16, 2010

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