by Anna Katharina on December 23, 2010

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ONLINE DOKTORA is a Filipino podcast under the brinknotes podcast network that discusses and explains topics concerning overall health and wellness.

ONLINE DOKTORA, will always be ready to answer online questions about health and to guide you to a better and healthy lifestyle. The weekly podcast show is delivered in Filipino and Tagalog language.

For the month of December and January, topics to be tackled pertain to women’s health issues such as physiology of the reproductive system and pregnancy. According to 2010 Factsheet on Filipino women, around 50 per cent of the Philippines population is women and women in childbearing ages (15-49 years) was recorded at 19.4 million or 51.04 percent. The highest percentage was in the 15 to 19 years age group at 10.53 percent.

Future segments will deal about basic skin care for teens and how to care for acne prone skin. Men’s health issues will also be part of the show in the future.

It’s actually a new found activity for me. Other medical doctors who have their own radio and TV show motivated me. I do listen to health programs specially the ones on AM radio. With the help of my son, who manages the brinknotes podcast network, I hope to provide online health information delivered in Filipino.

Listeners are encouraged to send in their questions at or you can post your questions at my Facebook Fan Page.

“Ako po si annakmd ang inyong online doktora, Iwas sakit po tayo”

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