What I want for Christmas

by Anna Katharina on December 15, 2010

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It’s 10 days before Christmas and 5 days to go to finish my shopping and grocery needs for the special day. Of course it will be a celebration for the whole family.

Christmas celebration was different when I was 7, it was about Christmas party in school with our homemade party hat.

When I was 15, it was attending misa de gallo with friends; kris kringle with friends, preparation for the school’s Christmas party and the dress that one has to wear. The outing after the party was the most awaited.

When I was 22, it was Christmas day with a significant other and dinner at home. I was involved with decorating the home, wrapping gifts and cooking for Christmas day.

At 30, it was a meaningful Christmas, this time being a mom to two kids; a Christmas tree adorned the house.  Family reunion was the biggest event.

At 39, Christmas did come, it was an unforgettable Christmas, there were gifts, Christmas party, family reunions, shopping and all that. I just wanted to be alone and shunned all gatherings.

At 49, I am thinking what I really want for Christmas, maybe a time for myself where I can do the things I like, a time to reflect on things that make me happy. I am not sure what really makes me happy? Its just that I want to do things that I only like or want. Maybe this is one of my “blue days”. Move on please. PMS go away!

It might not be the same Christmas as we used to but still it will be with my kids and other family members.

Please listen to me at Online Doktora….. my gift this Christmas for you and me!


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