December 2010

ONLINE DOKTORA is a Filipino podcast under the brinknotes podcast network that discusses and explains topics concerning overall health and wellness.

ONLINE DOKTORA, will always be ready to answer online questions about health and to guide you to a better and healthy lifestyle. The weekly podcast show is delivered in Filipino and Tagalog language.

For the month of December and January, topics to be tackled pertain to women’s health issues such as physiology of the reproductive system and pregnancy. According to 2010 Factsheet on Filipino women, around 50 per cent of the Philippines population is women and women in childbearing ages (15-49 years) was recorded at 19.4 million or 51.04 percent. The highest percentage was in the 15 to 19 years age group at 10.53 percent.

Future segments will deal about basic skin care for teens and how to care for acne prone skin. Men’s health issues will also be part of the show in the future.

It’s actually a new found activity for me. Other medical doctors who have their own radio and TV show motivated me. I do listen to health programs specially the ones on AM radio. With the help of my son, who manages the brinknotes podcast network, I hope to provide online health information delivered in Filipino.

Listeners are encouraged to send in their questions at or you can post your questions at my Facebook Fan Page.

“Ako po si annakmd ang inyong online doktora, Iwas sakit po tayo”

What I want for Christmas

by Anna Katharina on December 15, 2010

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It’s 10 days before Christmas and 5 days to go to finish my shopping and grocery needs for the special day. Of course it will be a celebration for the whole family.

Christmas celebration was different when I was 7, it was about Christmas party in school with our homemade party hat.

When I was 15, it was attending misa de gallo with friends; kris kringle with friends, preparation for the school’s Christmas party and the dress that one has to wear. The outing after the party was the most awaited.

When I was 22, it was Christmas day with a significant other and dinner at home. I was involved with decorating the home, wrapping gifts and cooking for Christmas day.

At 30, it was a meaningful Christmas, this time being a mom to two kids; a Christmas tree adorned the house.  Family reunion was the biggest event.

At 39, Christmas did come, it was an unforgettable Christmas, there were gifts, Christmas party, family reunions, shopping and all that. I just wanted to be alone and shunned all gatherings.

At 49, I am thinking what I really want for Christmas, maybe a time for myself where I can do the things I like, a time to reflect on things that make me happy. I am not sure what really makes me happy? Its just that I want to do things that I only like or want. Maybe this is one of my “blue days”. Move on please. PMS go away!

It might not be the same Christmas as we used to but still it will be with my kids and other family members.

Please listen to me at Online Doktora….. my gift this Christmas for you and me!



by Anna Katharina on December 11, 2010

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A Brink Notes Podcast Network show which aims to proclaim the Word of God to Filipino Catholics all over the world.

The AWIT at PAPURI (Psalms and Praises) Podcast is the reading of the Word of God (Ang Salita ng Diyos) according to the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. This production is Brink Notes Podcast Network’s response to Pope Benedict XVI’s call that “we must sail on the digital sea” and “give soul” to the Internet.

Also proponents of this online project have realized that Catholic content available online in Filipino language are very few, if not none at all. This online project aims to provide Catholic content in Filipino language to Filipino speakers worldwide via the Internet.

In his address to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines during its Ad Limina Apostolorum visit last November 29, 2010, the Holy Father has also asked the Catholic laity proficient in social communications to “take their proper place in proposing the Christian message in a convincing and attractive way.”

The AWIT at PAPURI (Psalms and Praises) Podcast is also our way of spreading the word of God in Filipino and serves as our family apostolate.

Downloading / listening to AWIT at PAPURI is free. You can listen to it :
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UCC’s program to enable some of our country’s top beacons of change to help others become themselves beacons of change, one day at a time.

UCC is offering its loyal customers this holiday season a BEACONS OF CHANGE VISION LOGBOOK which contains motivational and practical information to bring about positive change throughout the year.

The beacons of change are some of the country’s top business coaches. These beacons are experts in their respective fields and are all well-versed when it comes to planning for change. The beacons of change who contributed to the vision logbook include randell Tiongson, Francis Kong, and mind mapping expert Raju Mandhyan. Additionally, Let’s Go Foundation, a foundation aimed at poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship education, contributed the Entrepreneurship Workbook for Change module.

The basic vision logbook includes 2011 and 2012 calendars and contains various useful modules such as a travel vision logbook, conversion tables, notes, and Francis Kong stories, tips, and quotations. This can be claimed after a UCC customer accumulates P 5,000 in UCC Coffee Concept Store receipts. More promotional coupons for free dishes or drinks are inside the logbook.

To Hubert Young owner of UCC Café Concept Stores “Change starts with a mission”, he believes that this project will stir limitless change.

Here are some of what the beacons of Change have to say:

“ Every word we express, gives a ne direction to who we are, what we want to become and how we want to influence people and the processes that surround us.”
Raju Mandhyan
Mind mapping Expert

There are many ways one can invest in oneself and it all starts with education. Education remains to be the best way for us to achieve our aspiration in life.”
Randell Tiongson
Personal Finance expert

“Change is impossible unless people believe it is possible. If we want to consciously bring about change for the good, then that change has to be envisioned and planned.”
Francis Kong
Motivational Speaker

BEACONS OF CHANGE VISION LOGBOOK available at UCC Café concept stores by December 15, 2010.

UCC , Good Coffee Smile.