September 2010

Red Ribbon Chocolate Fudge Cake

by Anna Katharina on September 24, 2010

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Red Ribbon whips up a  food list-topper ,the new Chocolate Fudge Cake.

I decided not to go to work today , I feel I am overworked  the past week, working at least 13 hours a day, sleeping only for five hours a day  and losing quality time with my kids. It was a right decision, my kids are all at home, no class nor work for them and we had a great bonding time at breakfast.

We had the usual breakfast of fried egg and  fish , brewed coffee and a special treat of Red Ribbon Chocolate Fudge Cake.  I  felt it was a Sunday, as we partake the sweet, chocolaty moist Chocolate Fudge Cake from Red Ribbon. A comfort food indeed for me as I sit and relax for this day.

The new Chocolate Fudge Cake, Premium chocolate, fresh eggs, and creamy butter  perfectly mixed to make a very moist chocolate pound cake. It has luscious chocolate fudge filling and generously smothered with velvety chocolate icing. Quite simply, it’s what a chocolate cake should be.

My insulin will take care of my craving for sweets this day! For this lazy day, its my kids, my blog , Facebook and Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Fudge Cake , to make my day delightful.

I decided not to go to work today , I feel I am overworked the past week, working at least 13

Dynamic Learning Program

by Anna Katharina on September 19, 2010

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Dynamic Learning Program, “Learning by doing” and ” Road map and a compass for learning”.

Christopher Bernido and his wife, Ma. Victoria Carpio-Bernido introduced a cost effective method of teaching science and non-science project called the Dynamic Learning program (DLP) in 2002. Their DLP learning innovation earned for the couple the highly 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Awards, Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

The Dynamic Learning Program works on the principle of “learning is by doing”, it is student-centered, it’s a system of teaching that focuses on student activity rather than on traditional classroom lectures. The set-up is 70% student activity–30% lecture/discussion, and usually national experts do the majority of the lectures via video. The students learn independently, because each activity is provided with a clear, learning target.

The student will try to understand the lesson on their own by reading the concept notes and by doing the exercises before the lesson is discussed and explained. Some examples of student activities are solving exercises, answering guide questions and copying notes. Each student keeps a portfolio of his work as a representative documentation of his schoolwork. This would later on serve as his reviewer and proof also of his performance in school.

For school year 2010-11, Arellano University forged a Memorandum of Agreement with the Bernidos to implement the DLP in all high school department and some of their colleges of the university.

As a college teacher for the past 5 years I am beset with student poor performance in English proficiency, spelling, poor grasp of vocabulary and comprehension. With this innovative strategy in the classroom, I hope this will enhance and develop students’ potentials in writing, spelling, comprehension, and reading. In the end, my students will be able to master the fundamentals and basic concepts of the subject matter.

Eden Cheese Sarap ng Pasko

by Anna Katharina on September 5, 2010

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Sarap ng Pasko 100 towns, 100 dishes, 100 days of Christmas in the Philippines. One nation to Start the World’s Longest Christmas Celebration.

Traditionally Filipinos start preparing for Christmas as early as September up to the first Sunday of January the following year.

Eden’s Cheese Christmas celebration has started. Eden Cheese is back with their Christmas celebration Sarap ng Pasko: 100 Days of Christmas, another great undertaking from Kraft Eden Cheese to inspire Filipinos and remind them of hope and unity during the Christmas season.

With 100 towns participating, 100 cheese-based unique dishes will be showcased for 100 days to underscore the festive celebration of the season here in the Philippines. Being the world’s first longest Christmas celebration, this event pushes food tourism to a whole new level.

One Nation.One Festive Season.

One Grand Yuletide Feast.

One Proud Country to Inspire the Whole World.

Will your hometown be one of the top finalists?

Vote for your town and help them realize their simle community wish by winning 2M in support fund and 100,000 for yourself. Send an Eden carton and be counted.

Visit for more details.

Avon Baby

by Anna Katharina on September 2, 2010

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AVON BABY : Pediatrician-tested, Mother-approved, Baby-friendly

From infancy , school-age, teenage years and on to mothehood, Avon products have been with us in providing quality personal products to use on our skin and our bodies. I myself has been hooked to certain Avon products for the last 20 years. Its has been a habit of mine to browse their products brochure over and over again as there is always an Avon lady in my workplace.

Now comes their newest product line AVON BABY, a line of Baby Soothing Oil, tear-free head-to-toe Wash and Shampoo, and Moisturizing BabyLotion. Avon Baby are gentle, mild products specially formulated with natural ingredients. Designed for mothers, the entire collection comes in easy to use packaging for single-handed use, a hazzle free  design!

How I wish my kids are still babies, if only I can bring back the times where I have all the time just to cuddle them so close and kiss their so soft skin. I have used  it as a moisturizer on my skin, and it glides so smoothly, and how I love the so “baby smell” on me.

AVON BABY products are Pediatrician-tested, Mother-approved, Baby-friendly. Ingredients are  naturally-derived like conditioning Vitamin E, soothing Aloe, and calming Chamomile.

Avon Baby Moisturizing Lotion (200ml) Regular Price P250

The Avon Baby lotion keeps baby’s skin gentle, cuddly, and soft. Lightweight and non-greasy, the lotion is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. The perfect product to caress your baby with!

Avon Baby Tear Free Head-to-Toe Wash and Shampoo (200ml) Regular Price P240

Bath time is fun time! The two-in-one wash and shampoo is mild and gentle, perfect for cleansing baby’s hair and body without drying the baby’s delicate skin. It’s also tear-free, causing no irritation to baby’s eyes.

Avon Baby Soothing Oil (200ml) Regular Price P260

Avon Baby’s Soothing Oil is like a mother’s touch which moisturizes and softens without the greasy after-feel. The infused chamomile allows for better sleep when massaged onto baby’s skin.

Avon Baby is the first step to providing babies with healthy skin that will last a lifetime!

Watch out for their website ( and Facebook page (AVON BABY) starting September 16, 2010!