Kris Aquino’s Dilemma

by Anna Katharina on June 27, 2010

in Family,Love and Emotions,Showbiz

Any marriage going on the rocks is really far difficult to handle. I can only sympathize with what is going on with Kris Aquino right now. I am sure this did not just happen at the spur of the moment, she must have tried all means to save what is there to save, for the sake of the family most especially for her kids.

Whatever her reasons, or her decision to part with James Yap, it will surely look negative from all aspects now, but certainly as times goes on, there will always be reasons why things do happen.

I can relate with what is happening to her, it will be very difficult, but you have your own family, much more you have your friends to be there for you, your children to light up your gloomy days.

Kris has had so many frustrations in her love life, but come to think of it, she was able to bounce back. Kris Aquino deserves to be happy and be stress-free.

You have a new role now that of being The First Sister Kris, please take care of our president Kris, take care of P. Noy!

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