AXE Twist A Scent Revolution

by Anna Katharina on June 27, 2010

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AXE Twist is the most recent fragrance innovation for men. AXE Twist is a body spray. It has a scent of fresh citrus and gradually changes to the smell of sandalwood.

Acting as a double-action scent, it’s both a fragrance and an anti-odor agent. Axe Twist Body Sprays contain two (2) ingredients that kill odor-causing bacteria, ethanol and Cosmocil Stearate that punctures the bacteria cell wall, resulting in the complete destruction of odor-causing bacteria.

The fragrances of Axe Twist body sprays are designed and tested to last a minimum of 6 hours. In comparison, regular colognes wear off after as short as 1 to 2 hours.

It’s not only for teenagers but for men of all ages. Try giving your Dad AXE Twist Body Spray, he needs to boast his confidence, that he can still feel young.

No matter the age, a clean good smelling man is attractive!

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