On a Sunday…

by Anna Katharina on May 30, 2010

in Journal,Love and Emotions

My thoughts on a Sunday would linger on

What food will I cook for the family today? I have to prepare at least 2 dishes for lunch.

What topics will I blog for today? Is about family , my career, or just anything that comes to my mind?

What will I prepare for Monday’s work? Yay! Its still summer vacation, off campus mode!

Will I just lazy around and watch old movies? I had time to watch “Sabrina” starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart last night with Roxanne. My favorite love story movie ever.

Reflecting…. About what lies ahead of me, I am about to reach my golden years in a year…..

Wishing I was 10 years younger, I have so many things that I would still like to do if given the time and opportunity

What I have to change in me for a better me? How to bring out the best in me?

Dreaming of a slender and beautiful me ….my youth if only I can bring back the times.

Asking myself if I am I happy or not? What makes me happy anyway?

Some emotional traumatic events in my life. Please don’t come back!

Having the time just for myself to think about wonderful memories!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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