My UPOU 500-word Graduate Admission Essay

by Anna Katharina on April 25, 2010

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My purpose for applying to the DE program and my plans after completion of Graduate study at the UP Open University:

My career has always been involved with education. After graduating from medical school, I have worked with the Department of Education for 16 years although not directly involved with teaching students; but as a physician for teachers and students. I was exposed to a life inside the classroom. I did not stop studying. I had my Masters of Public Health in 2000 at UPOU and I was part of the second batch of MPH-DE graduates. I was aiming for a post in the regional level, but I had a change of heart. In 2002, I took up nursing for plans of going abroad and passed all the necessary requirements (CGFNS, NCLEX, IELTS, NLE). Finally, I changed careers; I left the government service in 2005 to go into full time teaching.

Nursing professors were in demand in 2005. I had this opportunity; I applied as a lecturer in several nursing schools. I have been accepted in all because of my master’s degree and my credentials. In 2006, I got tired of studying maybe because of the too many examinations that I took.  However two years ago, I have that inkling again to go back to school for a Masters degree in Distance Education. But, because of work schedules in the College of Nursing and my children going to college I put it on hold.

Now that my eldest daughter is applying for her master’s degree (MAN) and my son currently enrolled in UPOU, I feel the need to go on with what I like—studying and eventually teaching in an alternative way. I like to do new things and innovate with what is being used at present. I have been using the computer for the last 12 years and my children have been instrumental for me to harness my computer skills. One of the things I enjoyed most these days is blogging. Through this, I can connect with other people, teach, entertain, inform and share my thoughts.

This will be my fifth degree if ever I will finish the course, more letters will be attached to my name. But that is not the essence anymore. I just want to be in school again to know what is new and to eventually impart these to others. I firmly believe that a UP education still the best training I have ever received.  I thank UP for imparting to me what quality education is.

This time, during the course of classes being offered via distance education, I look forward to meet new people, gather new ideas and strategies to use inside my classroom, be exposed to a wide range of age groups, the young and the old and know about the use of educational technology. I hope I still have the capability to be proficient in such technology.

It’s about 11 years before my retirement; this will also be a way of preparing for it. Even at the comforts of my home I can still teach or be involve in teaching in my own little way via distance education.

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