January 2010

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime and Sleep

by Anna Katharina on January 31, 2010

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Is your baby (infants, 0-1 years old) sleeping late or having a hard time falling asleep? Are you becoming an anxious mum because your little boy or girl’s sleep is affecting your quality time with your husband or rules your mood for the next day?

Relax mom, Johnson’s Baby Bedtime is here to be your savior. With their new Johnson’s Baby Bedtime advocacy of a bedtime routine to improve baby’s sleep at night, it’s sure will reduce mom’s anxiety. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime is basically a three-step procedure, done to babies as a routine every night.

Step 1 : a warm bath or “punas”

Step 2: soothing massage

Step 3: some quiet activities

Dr Luis Rivera, MD , a pediatrician and member of the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine emphasized the importance of sleep for infants growth and development. A sound and longer sleep for babies’ means more growth hormones will be released thus influencing bones and muscles to develop.

My three kids, Dianne (20),Jeric (18) and Roxanne (15), were Johnson’s babies. Since I was a working mum, I used to give them a bath at 6 or 7 pm when they were infants.  All along I was practicing the three- step Johnson’s Baby bedtime routine. Massage was applying either Johnson’s baby oil or lotion. At night I breastfeed, so I didn’t have to stand up and mix their milk formula. I swear, I have never experienced sleepless nights taking care of them maybe my body’s warmth and mummy’s Johnson’s baby powder smell was an added help. I can attest that the three- step Johnson’s Baby bedtime routine proved effective for my kid’s health.

For more details about this Johnson’s help to mothers who have growing kids, visit their very informative website.


Multiply and DigiPrint partnership

by Anna Katharina on January 19, 2010

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Multiply.com has established partnerships with DigiPrint in the Philippines to have your pictures printed and deliver these pictures at your doorstep. For a minimum amount of P 300.00 you can pay via paypal and credit card.

This was announced by David Hersh, Multiply vice-president for business development in a radio interview at Aksyon Ngayon, DZMM. He said 5 million Filipino are registered users of multiply and at least 1 billion photos uploaded by Filipino multiply users.

Sharon at Home

by Anna Katharina on January 12, 2010

in Showbiz,Trends

After my clinic work , I took a stroll around Cubao, I had the chance to pass by the new Ali Mall. I remembered that this used to be the place we frequent when we were in high school. It was the “in thing “ during that time (late 70’s). Some portions are still undergoing renovation and I’d love to blog about the changes in the area.

I passed by National bookstore to buy some school needs and was glad to find the newest magazine “Sharon at Home”, its first issue. In “Sharon at Home”, she writes about her “real life”, the life she treasures most, her life with Kiko, KC, Miel and Frankie, her kitchen and books, most especially her home.

The first issue of "Sharon At Home" Magazine (Jan - Mar 2010)

The first issue of "Sharon At Home" Magazine (Jan - Mar 2010)

Throughout “Sharon at Home” magazine, her handwritten notes can be read. Sharon’s endorsements are all over the magazine too. Grab a copy of “ Sharon at Home”, ‘Good beginnings –its our first issue!’ priced at P 120.00.

Sharon's handwritten note

Sharon's handwritten note (click to zoom)

You can email sharonathomemag@gmail.com, or visit her Facebook fan page , or multiply page sharonathome.multiply.com.

01-01-10, My New Year

by Anna Katharina on January 1, 2010

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I cannot ask for more in 2009, I didn’t ask so much or wished for more, I just moved on and do whatever is apt to do. I have traveled a long journey but at the end, it was a good journey with my kids at the center and me just behind.

You know how mummies are, they never got tired of talking about their children specially if they have achieved something through their own efforts.

First, we have so many bonding activities and likewise shared common interests. One secret that I can share with other mummies is that I am always interested in the things they do, I always try to be involved and be a cool mum. That’s the reason why I got into blogging, and now enjoying every bit of it. I would remind them, “ o bakit ka pa hindi nag blog? Or “ nag blog ka na ba?”, or a text message “ ma meron event sa Tuesday, mag register ba tayo?”

Second, Dianne and Jeric fared very well in their school and other endeavor, Dianne graduating and eventually became an RN, Jeric’s Brinknotes won as best podcast in the Philippine Blog Awards and he is doing very well at UPOU. My youngest Roxanne is 15, she into campus journalism and adept in using IMAC.

Me, I am into a lot of things, very busy but thats the way it is. I just have to deal with my premenopausal symptoms.

I welcome year 2010, it’s a good life, starting the long journey again, but this time, I’ll make sure it’s a light journey; I am leaving excess baggage behind.