November 2009

Toni, Sam, Erap and Ai-Ai Tanging Pamilya

by Anna Katharina on November 15, 2009

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It was the premier night of the movie Tanging Pamilya at SM megamall Cinema 10, starring Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby, Erap Estrada and Ai Ai delas Alas, with the special participation of Mommy Dionesia (Pacquiao’s famous mom). It was my first time to attend a premier night. It was standing room only , fans, security people, big muscle men, movie and TV reporters . But I failed to see movie stars.

Well anyway, I enjoyed the movie for it was fun and it kept me laughing, The antics and pun might be recycled stuff but it still kept me glued to watch it till the end. It was a love comedy story and a dash of action with the fight scenes of Erap. As in his old movies are like that, as I watched him when I was a kid. His Chuck Taylor rubber shoes, even in Barong Tagalog, wrist band, but where was his hand towel, which is always on his neck?

Toni was her usual self, I liked the way she acted, so natural and cool. Ai Ai was at her best as a natural comedianne, she did not fail in being the martyr wife of Erap, and a cool mom to her kids. Sam Milby delivered comedy and drama lines, his Tagalog needs more practice. Mommy Dionesia was also in the movie in the latter part. The Ai Ai and Mommy Dionesia Dance Showdown was  the best part of the movie.

Some of the dialogues were taken from different tele-serye program.It might not be an award-winning movie, but I did enjoy it. I want more movies to entertain me, make feel light after and not those movies that I have to think about after watching.

I am looking forward to the December 2009 Metro Manila Film festival. I am a fan !

Nutrilite New Fitness Nutrition products

by Anna Katharina on November 15, 2009

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A good diet, a stress-free mind, and a healthy body are always one’s goal, but gets unmet because of our uncaring attitude for oneself. It might be because of a lot of reasons but once health gets badly affected, all activities will take to have a backseat.

Nutrilite launches their new Fitness Nutrition products, which combines the best of nature with the best of science to provide the fastest way to jumpstart one’s path toward optimal health.

Nutrilite products such as Rhodiola (an herb supplement to boost energy and mental alertness), Strive+ (a rehydration drink) and FitH2O (a drink which hydrates and nourishes the body for light activity) are made from natural, whole plant concentrates and combine the best of nature with the best of science to provide you with the fastest way to jumpstart your path toward optimal health.

Fitness Nutrition

Nutrilite together with world renowned athletes Ronaldinho, Liu Xiang, and Paeng Nepomuceno – believe that the quest for optimal health is an everyday sport and it is where endless possibilities of human strength can be displayed and optimal health is necessary to leave a mark and create history.

ronaldinho paeng

liu xiang

Nutrilite is the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements with $3 billion in sales in 2007. For 75 years, Nutrilite is grounded on the most advanced research and technology and is exclusively distributed locally by Amway Philippines. For product inquiries or to be an Independent Business Owner, please call 814-8181.

Halloween 2009

by Anna Katharina on November 9, 2009

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There was no Halloween party for this year to attend, but I got amazed with the way some establishments celebrated this Halloween, This is in particular one of the banks I patronize, Chinabank, 5th Avenue branch., Caloocan City The bank transformed in one big macabre settings. Bank employees serving you with their outfits! Scary !

CBC Kalookan Halloween 09 021

Department stores, have their usual trick or treat for kids. My youngest nephew had his day in one of the SM malls. So many amenities for kids these days!

halloween pics various 2009 034halloween pics various 2009 058halloween pics various 2009 043

My ultimate event this Halloween This is It movie of Michael Jackson. Who’s gonna beat the King of Thriller anyway? You don’t get scared but you get to swoon him and be entertained.

Eden Cheese and Filipino Food Culture

by Anna Katharina on November 8, 2009

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Eden Cheese wants to set a Guinness World Record for the most number of Filipino dishes made with Eden cheese in a single day. Their target, 5000 dishes out of Eden Cheese , which will be held on December 14, 2009 at Araneta Coliseum.


This also aims to showcase our Filipino food culture in 5,000 dishes as a unique, wonderful and utterly tasty experience. On December 14, cooking enthusiasts, culinary students, kusineros, chefs and foodies for one battle royale featuring cheese, with Kraft Eden products demonstrating their versatility in various dishes, from the savory to the sweet.


I grew up in a family who loves to cook, my lola a certified cusinera and my Dad a Kapangpangan who can dish out anything. I use to attend “handaan” wherein my lola was the cook. I never got tired of watching her prepare morcon , and pastel both prepared with cheese.Everything then was prepared the natural way, all ingredients have to be fresh and of the first class quality. My dad was the one who introduced to me the use of cookbooks and how to experiment on some ingredients. I might not have the time to cook but I can do any common dish.


Be part of history, be involved, lets promote Filipino dishes and join the Eden Cheese Event.
Be a Yumm Member and give your own Eden Cheesified recipe. Join Eden Cheese in setting our World Record attempt to cheesify Filipino dishes! Visit !


Eden Cheese is YUMM , Your Ultimate Meal Makeover! Your Ulam Mas Masarap
Eden Cheese , A yummy and Inspiring Christmas, Cheese possibilities to the Limits

Ang Sarap ng Buhay sa Eden Cheese!