September 2009


by Anna Katharina on September 28, 2009

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Typhoon Ondoy experience

I went to work Saturday (September 26, 2009) I left the house at 8:00 AM looking forward to a day of activities work and fun. It was not raining but dark clouds do abound. I was at work by 8:30 AM , and it started to rain hard, classes were suspended at 9:00 AM. I still stayed at the place of my work ( Gil Puyat St, Taft Avenue Area, Pasay City) hoping for the rains to stop and the floods to recede. By 12:00 PM, I decided to trek the flooded Gil Puyat  St. to be able to ride the LRT train in going to Monumento. My LRT ride saved my day. I was home safe by 1:30 PM.

I was so thankful that:

My place of work is just at across the LRT station; our home is near the LRT Monumento station.

Our home (Morning Breeze  Subdivision) was not flooded, except at the corner street but after sometime, the flood receded. We had electricity and continuous supply of water, the whole time.

My children were all at home during the time.

Food was readily available, because all restaurants were just walking distance from our place.

Our place is Morning Breeze Subdivision, just beside the Manila Central University (MCU). My grandmother and parents has been living here for the last 57 years.


A Philippine Air Force aerial shot shows floodwaters caused by continuous rains brought by Typhoon Ondoy in Cainta Rizal, east of Manila September 27, 2009             (REUTERS/Rey Bruna/Philippines Airforce/Handout)


Residents wade in floodwaters caused by Typhoon Ondoy in Cainta Rizal east of Manila September 27, 2009.
REUTERS/Erik de Castro

My other experience on safety:

Our safety was threatened in June 1991, it was the Mount Pinatubo eruption. We were staying at Floridablanca Pampanga then, when the eruption happened. My kids , Dianne was 3 years and Jeric was barely 2 weeks old. I thought we were all going to die during that time. There was earthquake every 10-20 minutes, our roof was heavy with sand and were so afraid our roof would crash on us. There was no electricity, no communications; there were no cell phones during the time. We had to evacuate to the church. Good thing I was breastfeeding my kid. It was so depressing, I had nightmares about it for a long time.

I thought of leaving the country for greener pasture but with this happening around us and around the world. I am taking my time… Its better here at Morning Breeze…

A perimenopausal blog III

by Anna Katharina on September 21, 2009

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What do you do with your life when you are in midlife?  I have to make things happen, restore balance in my life and re- invent or re reframe myself. I am letting go of a phase of my life wherein I have to do what is in order, but now, do what I enjoy and like.

Before I have to do things because I have to, for someone else. Now I want to do things because I enjoy doing it and it gives me fulfillment and contentment. With these I am embracing a new life, my looks and my health becomes my responsibility.

For the past 5 years  I have gone through these changes:

I have shifted my work from public practice to private practice. I worked in a totally different environment and this gave me a new challenge and lots of opportunities..

I have involved myself into activities that my children do get involved in, in the end I am becoming a cool mom.  I blog, do facebook , follow them on twitter, watch the latest movies and concerts , updated my celphone and now I am using IMAC.

70 % of my work involves dealing with the young ones (Academe). I have change the way I look; I became aware of what’s new in fashion, thanks to my kids.

I may have disappointments and goals that have not been accomplished. But I am taking my time….

My Birthday Bash for a week

by Anna Katharina on September 20, 2009

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My last birthday was one of those meaningful days. The celebration lasted for a week as I hop from one event to another. The week started with greetings from my friends here in abroad through facebook. All along Dianne was with me as I treasure these moments.


We had one evening at Texas Roadhouse Grill, at El Pueblo Real de Manila, Ortigas Center. We both had a sumptuous dinner, of Jessie James Sampler as a starter. The Great Ribeye is a mouth-watering 10-ounce certified US steak and Mighty Oreo Mud Pie it is an ice cream slash cake all in one. Texas Roadhouse Grill, authentic Old West experience, visit them at Ortgas Center and Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.


Another day was spent with mommy bloggers for the newest cake from Red Ribbon, New White forest.  The cake dressed in white, white chocolate, white chiffon, luscious long-stemmed, red maraschino cherries on top and generously finished with white chocolate shavings. Let there be white, The new White Forest Cake at Red Ribbon.


At home, my mom and siblings prepared a native dinner, with “inihaw” and we have to eat in banana leaves. A simple one but relatives came to celebrate. I even had the chance to make a wish as I blow the lone candle on my cake.


At school my students and co- faculty had something for me. There were lots of greetings through texts , facebook, emails and blog comments, wishing me a happy birthday , good health. Really, this birthday meant so much because of the people who made it more meaningful for me. Thanks to you all.



I also got my most expensive bag as of the moment courtesy of Dianne, Jeric and Roxanne

(Seems like my kids are richer than me…)


Perimenopausal Blog II

by Anna Katharina on September 7, 2009

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I have been reading books about perimenopause to learn how I will be able to prepare myself for the natural change that I am about to undergo in the next few years. Since my foremost inconvenient feeling is the “hot flushes” , I have gathered the following information which I can share with some who are also in this situation.

Top five things to do to relieve myself from perimenopausal symptoms

  • Take Vitamin E  (400- 800 I. U per day),Vitamin C (500 mg) and B-complex vitamins
  • Avoiding hot baths and hot drinks
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Modification of my lifestyle, do only what I like and prioritize my activities
  • Do a make over of myself, i.e change in the way I look