July 2009

June 2009 Nursing Board Exams

by Anna Katharina on July 27, 2009

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One of the most awaited board examinations results finally after 48 days of agony the results are out. There were 32,617 out of 77,901 who passed the June 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination with a national passing rate of 41.87%. One of the lowest passing rates since June 2006.

I was one of those who patiently waited for the results because it involves many people close to me, my former students and most especially my eldest daughter, Dianne Kristin G. Pena. It was one of those very meaningful feeling that you could ever experience, knowing your daughter is now a registered nurse. A very rewarding feeling, more than what I felt when I passed my own CGFNS and NCLEX exams. Today, your name is all over the papers as one of those newest nurses.

To my eldest daughter Dianne, my congratulations, you made me proud. Twenty years ago, I was at the hospital, bringing you to this world, the 24 hours pain was unbearable, but today, this is so much joy for me. Happy birthday!


Protection against Cervical Cancer

by Anna Katharina on July 19, 2009

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Protection against cervical cancer among Filipina


Data from the Philippine Cancer Society revealed that cervical cancer is the second killer disease among Filipino women as it continues to claim the lives of 12 Filipino women every day.Yes, every day, 12 Filipina die of cervical cancer. It’s ranked as the second most common cancer afflicting Filipino women.


Let’s have no fear against cervical cancer, vaccination is now available for us.  Cervarix ( Human Papilloma Vaccine ) is offering long lasting protection against cervical cancer .


It is indicated for females 10 years of age onwards. It is given by intramuscular injections for three times in a span of 6 months. For example if you had the first dose in July, the next dose will be in August and the last and thirrd dose will be in January 2010.


What is  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)?


  • HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that causes cancer
  • More than 100 types of HPV have been discovered, 15 of these have been identified as putting women at high risk for cervical cancers
  • At risk for infection are coitus with multiple partners

 What are the manifestations of cervical cancer?


Possible symptoms are post coital spotting, unexplained vaginal discharge or spotting between menstrual periods, pelvic pain and pain during sexual intercourse.


Every Filipina deserves a chance against cervical cancer. Protect yourself!


For more questions about cervical cancer vaccine: email me at annakatharinamd@gmail.com


Filipino eating machines can go to the nearest 7-Eleven store in their area and avail of the Big Bite Pack that contains five hotdog sandwiches of their choice and one Big Gulp.  Participants should finish the five sandwiches in the shortest time possible. The fastest hotdog eaters from 7-Eleven stores nationwide will compete in a grand culminating event where only one will be proclaimed champion and will receive Php 500, 000 in cash. Contest will run from June-26 up to Aug 15.

In 2007, 24 year-old Joey Chestnut won the 92nd Annual Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest. His record is downing 66 hotdog sandwiches in 12 minutes.


 However, here in the Philippines, there is yet to be someone declared a champion gurgitator – until the 7-Eleven Big Bite Match, eating 5 hotdogs at the shortest possible time. 7-Eleven aim to provide Filipino competitive eaters a venue where Filipinos can be recognized in an international scale to highlight their one of a kind skill.

Those joining the Big Bite ® Match hotdog-eating contest will have their name posted with their record time. The 7-Eleven Branch in Farmers Cubao, had 2 minutes and 30 seconds record time.

For those who do not want to join, they can enjoy the Big Bite Pack that contains five hotdog sandwiches of their choice and one Big Gulp. This the 7-Eleven’s way of celebrating their 25th year of being the largest convenience store chain in the Philippines.