by Anna Katharina on May 12, 2009

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I will be a voter in May 2010, including my two children aged 18 and 19 y/o. They will be first time voters and this is significant since it is a presidential election and at the same time if it will push through, the first national automated election.

One of the legacies my Dad left us was the importance of voting. He would be at the election precinct by 6:30 AM to cast his vote. Months before election time, he would buy all the newspapers everyday to read about candidates and politics. I remember politicians going house to house to shake hands with the tenants. It was the time of Marcos, Osmena, the Plaza Miranda bombings, Ninoy Aquino and Jovito Salonga. He had conversations with my uncles while I was at his side, and they would talk about politics every night and would listen to them.

Being educated at UP kept me abreast with politics and that I need to be involved on how this government will be for me and my children, The basic involvement I think that one needs to do to help the government is to pay our taxes and vote in elections.

Let us be involved, cast our vote, and vote wisely in May 2010!

Visit Bagong Botante, a COMELEC sponsored site for your questions about the 2010 elections.

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