Mother’s Day Thoughts

by Anna Katharina on May 10, 2009

in Family,Journal

The essence of being a woman is motherhood. From Day 1 to Day 252, she carries her child in her womb, though sometimes it becomes uncomfortable or at times, she may be in the brink of death in the course of her pregnancy.

Conceiving, and giving birth is considered as a natural thing for women , are bodies are designed to carry and eventually nourish our babies.

But why do 230 women die for every 100,000 live births in the Philippines (WHO , 2008)? It means that 230 babies in every 100,000 babies born alive will be motherless and will be left to the care of a surrogate mother. These mothers die due to complications related to childbirth.

I am glad I am still here for my children to celebrate Mother’s day. Its my 20th year of
celebrating mother’s day. My own mother is celebrating her 49th year of being a mother. Like me, she has not stopped on being a mother to us her children though we have our own families to care for.

To the other mothers who may be biological mothers, adoptive mothers, or foster mothers, this is our day. We just cannot stop caring and nurturing our children in their life journey. May God always bless us give us good health and peaceful life with our children.

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