by Anna Katharina on January 21, 2009

in Journal,Love and Emotions


A letter saying hello and reiterating one’s love and hoping for an answer soon, it somehow revealed some form of restlessness on his fate about his love.


. . . . . . .  you may wonder why I cared much for you than my own, its more than what I really have to. The kind of friendship you have for me is enough to make me happy, too, and its there where I find fulfillment.


I just wonder why I need to tell you what my feelings are, towards you. It is so powerful that I cannot keep to myself and my mind will not cease bothering me without telling you.  

. . . . . .  with this I am nearing the pinnacle of my intentions to tell you “I love you “. This feeling for you is so unique in every way; I was struck by love regardless of anything. I have just exceeded the limits of friendship of what it is ought to be, not knowingly, yet so calm that I never had the guts to tell you.


Being so serious in talking with you, I cannot just spell the right letters to tell you personally, what I feel towards you.


Sometimes I feel that I should have not told you so, because it will only be a way to make you think or decide as what I might have a place in your heart; or it is just a reality that was a dream for me.


I shall be always ready for anything you say and wish the way you have treated me before will not diminish and so do I remain as to what I am.

I do not know when I will meet my greatest joy: to know whether I have a place in you. It will be soon and I wish to know it.


I love you,


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