by Anna Katharina on January 18, 2009

in Journal,Love and Emotions


Just to let pass an idle moment and try to express his thoughts of a loved one in words. Sometimes seeing each other creates trivial conversations and silence. However, love letters can reach out and one’s presence could be felt even when away. (circa August 1982)

My dearest sweetheart,

Like the bee, that keeps on buzzing the blooming rose in the garden. I find myself to keep on telling you how much I love you. It’s the same sound that pleasantly tickles your ears every now and then, but I wonder why this thing called love never fades unlike the fragrance of those flowers that when withered, the bees won’t buzz.

Its raining and the fog do surround. Whether rain or shine, sundown or sunrise, love always find its place, like the one we have.

Words do fail out us these days, whether each one have something to say or none, the meanings implied therein in our letters spells out a huge and infinite message which always speak of love and care.
I know Ii have many things to say, but how to write comes out sometimes to be a problem. As a result, neither one of us could write the usual as we had before. I doubt that it is harder now for I know love has grown.

I am really running of words to say, nonetheless, I deem it necessary to write you. At least for a few minutes, this letter would feel your hands even if my presence is out, you could sense me.

There is still a lot to do today… so to add a little challenge to the worthiness of this day, I rummaged to some place but my sense of direction, mislead me. Just to bang my head in thoughts of remembering, I would not miss the chance of writing you a note to remind you that you are always a part of the cobwebs that crowd my thoughts and to tell you, too, that I care and love you so.

With love.

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