January 2009


by Anna Katharina on January 29, 2009

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Excerpts from my love letters collection circa 1982. It speaks of how a love one who is far away feels during times of loneliness.

Sometime I wonder where would I’d be, and its only you that says that I’m always with you.

Of great love, everything abstract had a definite form because of you; that I cannot afford loosing you.

Of passion, I may be so much controlled by emotions of which I feel guilty if I do offend you.

Sweetheart, I’m getting too much dependent on your love which can surely kill me if I’m times I feel that you do have some heartaches caused by a fool like me.

I am a fool because you have been doing things easy for me and in return I make things hard for you.

If at times, I do act like a fool to you, it would only mean I’m running out of ways on how to please you. Sometimes I’m helpless, sometimes I’m confused, sometimes I do not know what to do for I’m conscious of everything for the thought I can make love full of happiness. 

Oftentimes, every actions I do would be so weak that will only lead for you to be sad.

This shall be a “long distance love affair” if our duty calls for. It will be nice to hear from a far away sweetheart whose only wish is to be heard and be remembered for always. We are then to be engulfed by miseries and worries, though those things abound, love conquers because its that enduring faith and trust for each other that matters, no way to worry any further though we seem afar.

When ever I’m away to find refuge over strong winds that blow, I can only find those branches of yours to cling on that I may not be blown over with the dust and never be far away enough when we’re down. I can easily go back and fly over you, for your branches seek to spread out and call me.

Whenever time would tend to bring me somewhere, I always seek out for the moments, so the ticks would speed up for me to reach you.

A shelter indeed, I found when rain falls so hard that I cannot spread my wings to fly; you have those large leaves of yours to keep me dry. Yes, when sorrows surround and tears do fall. I can let every drop to dry for your comforting ways keep me going.

When I am blinded or don’t know where to go, especially on times when darkness do catch me when I used to be on the other side of the world. I can always smell your fragrance and guide my home back to your loving arms


by Anna Katharina on January 24, 2009

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Legion of fans of the Eraserheads Band will have the chance to listen and take a glimpse of their favorite band perform on March 7, 2009 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. The group claimed that this is not a continuation of their unfinished concert in August 2008, but it is a new concert and it is going to be a completely new set.

Despite disbanding in 2002, the Eraserheads popularity never fails to entice their music crowd. However, the first reunion concert in August 2008 was cut short due to physical condition of the lead singer Ely Buendia.

The group produced around 7 albums since 1993. Original members are Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan.

Ely Buendia’s battlecry “ We bring in the music, we bring the noise” and “our songs comes from the heart”. The group promise to finish the set this time. “Final Set” the Eraserheads Concert on March 7, 2009.

For tickets visit : www.ticketnet.com.ph


by Anna Katharina on January 21, 2009

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A letter saying hello and reiterating one’s love and hoping for an answer soon, it somehow revealed some form of restlessness on his fate about his love.


. . . . . . .  you may wonder why I cared much for you than my own, its more than what I really have to. The kind of friendship you have for me is enough to make me happy, too, and its there where I find fulfillment.


I just wonder why I need to tell you what my feelings are, towards you. It is so powerful that I cannot keep to myself and my mind will not cease bothering me without telling you.  

. . . . . .  with this I am nearing the pinnacle of my intentions to tell you “I love you “. This feeling for you is so unique in every way; I was struck by love regardless of anything. I have just exceeded the limits of friendship of what it is ought to be, not knowingly, yet so calm that I never had the guts to tell you.


Being so serious in talking with you, I cannot just spell the right letters to tell you personally, what I feel towards you.


Sometimes I feel that I should have not told you so, because it will only be a way to make you think or decide as what I might have a place in your heart; or it is just a reality that was a dream for me.


I shall be always ready for anything you say and wish the way you have treated me before will not diminish and so do I remain as to what I am.

I do not know when I will meet my greatest joy: to know whether I have a place in you. It will be soon and I wish to know it.


I love you,



by Anna Katharina on January 18, 2009

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Just to let pass an idle moment and try to express his thoughts of a loved one in words. Sometimes seeing each other creates trivial conversations and silence. However, love letters can reach out and one’s presence could be felt even when away. (circa August 1982)

My dearest sweetheart,

Like the bee, that keeps on buzzing the blooming rose in the garden. I find myself to keep on telling you how much I love you. It’s the same sound that pleasantly tickles your ears every now and then, but I wonder why this thing called love never fades unlike the fragrance of those flowers that when withered, the bees won’t buzz.

Its raining and the fog do surround. Whether rain or shine, sundown or sunrise, love always find its place, like the one we have.

Words do fail out us these days, whether each one have something to say or none, the meanings implied therein in our letters spells out a huge and infinite message which always speak of love and care.
I know Ii have many things to say, but how to write comes out sometimes to be a problem. As a result, neither one of us could write the usual as we had before. I doubt that it is harder now for I know love has grown.

I am really running of words to say, nonetheless, I deem it necessary to write you. At least for a few minutes, this letter would feel your hands even if my presence is out, you could sense me.

There is still a lot to do today… so to add a little challenge to the worthiness of this day, I rummaged to some place but my sense of direction, mislead me. Just to bang my head in thoughts of remembering, I would not miss the chance of writing you a note to remind you that you are always a part of the cobwebs that crowd my thoughts and to tell you, too, that I care and love you so.

With love.