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by Anna Katharina on September 30, 2008

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“DFA lang ang nagbibigay ng tunay na passport.
Wag sayangin ang sinakrispisyo nila. Siguraduhing tunay ang iyong passport.”

I got my new Philippine passport in 25 minutes! Kudos to DFA for their new system in passport renewal! First, one has to set an appointment with the DFA through the internet .

Download the passport application form , accomplish it completely, bring your passport pictures with you (blue background) . On appointment date, bring your appointment letter, passport form, pictures and 500 pesos as application fee. You don’t’ need to come back to claim your passport, courier service is available at 99 pesos. The courier service will deliver the passport within two weeks at your doorstep.

If you are also renewing the passport of your minor children, be sure the mother’s passport is up to date or she is renewing it together with her children’s passport at the same time. If not current, her children’s passport cannot be renewed. Remember that the mother’s passport should be up to date or current if she wants to renew her children’s passport. The children’s passport application form should have a Xerox copy of the mother’s passport.

There are many people outside of the DFA gate claiming they have DFA forms, no long queues etc. Never mind these people just go ahead and enter the DFA compound, and you will have everything inside. Photo copying machines and picture studio are available inside the DFA compound. Do not entertain these people even if they claim to be DFA employees, even if they have their ID’s. Its better to ask people inside the DFA compound rather than people outside of the DFA premises. There are security personnels inside the DFA compound that would help and guide you where you need to go in order to process your papers.

Do not forget to bring a pen, water and fan. There are portions in the area that is little hot! How to get to the DFA? If you are accessible to the LRT. its at the LIBERTAD station, then ride a jeep going to the DFA. It’s advisable to go by public transport, parking is a problem.

Visit the Department of Foreign Affairs Website:

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