August 2008

BK BURGER KING….. Beefy Knockout

by Anna Katharina on August 19, 2008

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We love hamburgers easy and quick to assemble, they are meals to eat out of hand. BURGER KING’s Hamburgers everyday classics are a beefy knockout; they are easy on the budget and these will keep you visiting BURGER KING Branches.

The basic ingredients of BURGER KING hamburgers from freshly toasted sesame seed bun bread , American cheese spread and fire grilled beef quality compliment its flavor. A burger that’s sure to excite your taste buds.

Take your pick from whooper’s , hamburgers, chicken and fish dishes and sides and desserts. It can cater to the whole family from “apo” to “lola” and “lolo” with variety of food choices.

It has also value added services to its customers such as free wireless internet connection, LCD screens which show music videos of current hits, cell phone charging stations offering free charging its patrons for iPOD, PSP etc .

The 4th Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony for Level III students of Bachelor of Science in Nursing course of Arellano University Pasay Campus was held at Fiesta Pavilion,Manila Hotel, on 29th July 2008.

With a candle-lighting ceremony and the recitation of the Florence Nightingale Pledge, 480 student nurses marked the successful completion of completion of nursing students’ sophomore year. In the capping ceremony, they receive the nursing pin, female students also receive the traditional nurses’ cap, for which the ceremony originally got its name.

Presided over by Mr Francisco PV Cayco, President and CEO, Arellano University and the chief guest who gave an inspirational talk was Leah Primitiva S. Paquiz, National President, Philippine Nurses.

The chief guest emulated to the students the values of integrity and commitment to the nursing profession. She also emphasized that success is a choice. As nurses, one should have a vision and mission, work hard and focus on the path that we have chosen to take.

Mr Francisco PV Cayco, President and CEO, Arellano University also addressed the students. He told the students it was an honor to be able to help them celebrate the accomplishment of having made it this far in their journey to becoming a nurse. He called Arellano nurses as nurses of the world, hoping to see and hear more Arellano nurses excelling in the filed of nursing around the world.

Also present during the ceremony were Ms Mildred A. Atendido, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean Arlene Blaise Cortez, Dean College of Nursing AU Pasay, Chief nurses of Base and Affiliating Hospitals.

It was a solemn and symbolic ceremony witnessed by the student’s parents and relatives especially when they received the lighted candle of Florence Nightingale. Near the end of the ceremony, the students took a pledge with a candle in the ceremony, which reaches back to Florence Nightingale, known as the “lady with the lamp.” As a tribute to Nightingale’s dedication, the lamp icon became symbolic of nursing.

Blogging has become part of my life these days. I blog whenever I have the time and of course it serve as form of therapy for any physical or emotional upheavals I may have for the day. Reading the blogs of my kids keep me track on what’s on their thoughts and what’s keeping them busy.

As I browse and scan the book, Blogging From Home, I find it very practical and useful for the things I need to know about blogging, since I’m barely new in this endeavor.

It’s readable, simple English , big font ( I’m in my forties, I need my reading glasses !) and presented in an outline form with sample charts and web pages. Just like how a teacher teaches inside the classroom with the proper visual aids, I love the book for being so instructional!

I have to take note about the portion on Blog ethics and the conclusion part, blogging Ahead. If blogging is now a serious activity, it might as well really practice ethics, aside from plagiarism and copyright , there’s respect of individual’s right and always tell the truth. There should be balance between the benefit and the harm done by blogging.

Blogging did influence my life (see my previous post).

Thank you Janette for publishing a book about blogging. Thank you for the support you have been extending to bloggers.

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Since summer of this year, I have been into several blogger’s events to accompany my kids or to just tag along and be involved with the activities of my kids. With these, I came to know that what they are involved in and why they are so hook to the net!

My kids did encouraged me to put this blog and the next thing I knew my Fridays have to be reserved for these events or I have to adjust my schedule no matter how busy and tired in order to be with them . I must admit I did enjoy blogger’s party and now my free time is spend on catching up with the blogs that I have missed writing.

As a doctor, I have attended so many seminars, symposium sponsored by drug companies and launchings of new medicines in classy hotels with sit-down dinner, socializing, and many freebies too. It came to a point that I got tired of attending them.

As I look back, these bloggers events are reminiscent of the events that I used to attend but with so many twists. Attendees are from all ages (I remember, at the David and Goliath bloggers party, there was a contest on who was the youngest and oldest attendee). All occupations, all professions are welcome as long as one blogs. No dress code when attending the events (carefree dressing, casual, rugged. smart casual, I love it, reminiscent of my “maong & T shirt” days at UP). I love the idea that the young crowd is apt to more undertakings that are worthwhile.

Some of the blog events that I have attended are David and Goliath, Chow king Halo-Halo, Chao Fan, Buhay ng Coke 1 & 2 and Ponds at SM Hypermart Taste Asia, BK Bloggers Blowout, etc, most recent is Influential blog awards and soon the WordCAMP.

I must admit that I am enjoying these blogging events because it brought me closer to my kids life and the bonding that we share is incomparable than what we use to have before. I came to know more about them their thoughts, feelings and even their aspirations from their blogs, which I read almost everyday. I always look forward to their new entries everyday. They would ask me “ Mama, nag blog kana ba? Do have a new blog?

Now is the time to capture these moments with my kids, thank you blogging!