July 2008

My gifts, My treasures

by Anna Katharina on July 28, 2008

in Family

Through the years, we had this family practice of having our family picture taken during the Christmas season. The focus of course is how my kids have become grown ups and me adding more years into my life. Like most moms, we could talk the whole day about what our kids are up to or what keeps them through the day without me. For a busy mom like me I realize that one day I just woke up and they are this way bringing meaning into my life.

Each day I treasure the gifts given to me by my children. They are not material things but special gestures and moments that make me go through my hectic schedule. My VITAMIN K and VITAMIN H as I would say, Kisses and Hugs from them, a touch a smile a greeting Hi MAMA!, unloads my tiredness. Their stories for the day in school, significant events and latest news they would tell me as I go to sleep. I wish I had more time to be a part of the world they are in.

How does one capture this family closeness and never let it end. Sometimes I just wish they stop growing and I stop getting old so that this would just be a cycle that will keep on repeating. My youngest 14, is turning out to be a fine woman. She is beginning to have her faves and dislikes. My only boy, 17 , is honing his computer talents and very promising. My eldest, 19, I’m proud of building her nursing career.

I may have been successful in my professional career but Its still the most rewarding career after all, that of motherhood. My gifts, My treasures Dianne Kristin, Adrian Jeric and Roxanne Marie.

Pond’s Seven Days Beauty Plan

by Anna Katharina on July 18, 2008

in Beauty

As it was 35 years ago when I was still a kid, I remember the Pond’s commercial on TV. It shows how a woman maintain her youth fullness and look younger by using Pond’s cream. That TV commercial really imprinted something on my mind that I have to use this cream on my face to keep me younger looking. Through the years, I have been using Pond’s cold cream to remove my make –up.


I am glad that even with the advent of newer skin care products, Pond’s is still in the market but now with a variety of products for varied skin types and even formulated for the Filipina skin type. Even the packaging can be considered as hygienic, as it comes in a tube or easy squeeze container.

POND\'S Products

For those who want to use Pond’s, start having a skin care routine (especially those in their late 30’s) Pond’s Age Miracle line like the overnight repair cream and their eye treatment can be your starters. It’s better to start using one product at a time until your skin adjusts to it and see the results. It will only take you 10 minutes of your time in the evening to Cleanse, Moisturize and Rejuvenate your face. You owe it to yourself, start now and have a skin care routine and delay the signs of aging.

WordCamp Philippines 2008

by Anna Katharina on July 17, 2008

in Journal

My son and daughter encouraged me to have a blog site. Since I have been accompanying them to blogging events I might as well join them. In spite of my hectic schedule, I have for the day. I do take time out to pause and blog about anything to my liking.

But with the new technology around, I think I need to learn more of this, all in the name of this new craze called blogging. Good thing that Mindanao Bloggers organized the first ever WordCamp in Southeast Asia— WordCamp Philippines 2008 together with the following sponsors:

WordCamp Philippines

Family Escapade at San Juan, Batangas

by Anna Katharina on July 17, 2008

in Travel

One of the most exciting but relaxing summer vacations we had was in Laiya, San Juan Batangas, a place 70 kms south of Manila known for its white sand beaches.

We made no reservations for our overnight stay and true enough all the beach resorts were fully booked for it was a Saturday. We were so stressed looking for a place to stay , all I though was that we would go back to Manila.

A friend saved our day and advised us to go back to San Juan town proper and check in at Bahay Marikit, 20 minutes drive from Laiya. Good enough it turned out to be a wise decision on our part. Check this hotel resort it’s a cozy, quiet place clean rooms and economical too. Family room was priced at P 3500.00 which could accommodate 6-8 persons.We ordered dinner and retreat to our Italian inspired room , actually good for eight persons, private bath and shower, nice white towels. Included in our accommodation was American breakfast and free use of the swimming pool. We dipped in the pool for an hour and out we go to dive at the beach at Laiya San Jua Batangas.

My kids and I had a sumptuous lunch at Naranja Orange Restaurant, managed and owned by Mrs Racquel Reano, its located at Gen. Luna St, Poblacion San Juan Batangas . The place is an old antique house , with a touch of something old to suit a restaurant. We had their famous chicken orange, pinakbet, sisig, bulalo, own concocted lemon cold tea. Immediately, we concentrated on the act of consuming what was laid before us. Never miss Naranja Orange restaurant, prices are so affordable, servers are so accommodating and no parking hassle like in Manila. Perfect place to eat lunch with family and friends.

After our lunch we, headed to Doña Nena Beach Resort . It was Sunday and only a few people are at the beach. My kids did not waste their time to enjoy the water and the sand. What I loved about this beach is the presence of mangrove in the area, trees, particularly neem and coconut trees. Not so many people around, quiet and clean environment .Suited for family reunions, company outings with overnight acommodations. Food catering is served by Orange Naranja restaurant. Contact Mrs Racquel Reano, (0917-3733-113) for catering services in San Juan Batangas.

Our one night stay at San Juan Batangas turned out to be nice, much more, to what we have expected. We realy want to go back again and spend at least two nights to savor the beach and food.

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